Wheel Mobile Portable Equipment

Wheel mobile portable equipment With a modular design, it can be configured flexibly to meet a variety of customer needs, and other mobile crushing equipment or fixed equipment combined production operations.

Feed size:  ≦930mm

Wheel mobile portable equipment  can not only be used for crushing, but also be used to produce high quality sand, wash sand, sharp aggregates and screen particles and some other processing work in metal mines, building aggregates and solid waste treatment industries, etc.

Many models, covering a wide range

Wheel mobile portable equipment has 7 series and 72 models, covering coarse crushing, fine crushing, crushing and shaping sizing, fine sand washing, independent operation, three combinations, four combinations and other mining production needs.

Quick production more peace of mind, mobile environmental protection more money

Wheel mobile portable equipment project cycle is short, reducing the cost of investors, to avoid the project after the completion of the demolition work.

Modular structure, easy to expand and upgrade

Wheel mobile portable equipment modular structure, when the need to expand production capacity, replace the host to complete the equipment upgrade.

Hydraulic system, operation and maintenance easier

Wheel mobile portable equipment with hydraulic system control, operation and maintenance more simple.

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