VU Integrated Sand Making System

ZENITH's VU Integrated Sand Making System uses a dry process to simulate the formation of natural sand, resulting in a significant increase in gravel performance. Raw materials can be cheap and easy to get the stones, ore, etc., they are highly efficient after the VU Integrated Sand Making System is a rounded rounded, with powder control of artificial sand, and can be recycled high value-added stone powder such as limestone powder, etc.

Feed size:  ≦15mm

Production capacity: 60-205t / h

The VU Integrated Sand Making System is capable of converting the cheap and readily available stone into quality sand of high value. The dry and clean filler can be used as mixture in asphalt, admixture in concrete and steel plants, or explosion-proof material in coal mines. This indicates its additional value.

Use a closed environment to better protect the environment

VU Integrated Sand Making System, the use of closed transport, production, and dust removal design to ensure that after the production without sewage, sludge, dust and noise emissions, in full compliance with the requirements of the world's environmental organizations.

Excellent grinding and shaping technology, higher quality sand and gravel

The use of excellent grinding technology and plastic technology, so that the gravel granule rounded, in line with a variety of industrial requirements.

Using tower design, small footprint and more efficient

Using the tower design, the main structure covers an area of only 400 square meters, reducing the area occupied. Integrated air screening technology and dry screening technology, a substantial increase in screening efficiency.

Can be broken building waste, higher return on investment

VU Integrated Sand Making System can be cheap stones, construction waste and other processing into high-quality high-quality sand, high profits. Production of sand can replace natural sand demand. 

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