F5X Series Vibrating Feeder

F5X series vibrating feeder is a heavy vibration feeding device, it is stronger than TSW series vibrating feeder processing capacity. In the ore processing plant, it can give the crusher even and continuously send the material. At the same time, it can roughly screen the material, increasing the processing capacity of the entire production line.

Feed size: ≦1500mm

Production capacity: 500-1600t / h

Applications: metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, abrasives, and other industries

Material: river pebbles, limestone, dolomite, granite, diabase, basalt, construction waste, coal, etc.

To feed large capacity, high screening efficiency

F5X series vibrating feeder has a high intensity of vibration intensity, in the same specifications, than the traditional vibration feeder screening effect is better, more processing capacity.

Reserve spring position, to facilitate increasing or decreasing a spring

The feed end is supported by dislocation spring, which is reserved for spring position, and it is convenient to adjust the number of springs according to the different pressure at any time to ensure good performance of vibration feeder.

EV exciter - efficient, stable and easy to maintain

F5X series vibrating feeder equipped with EV exciter, to meet the different specifications of the vibrator feed machine different exciting force requirements, parts with the interchangeability, versatility, standardization and modularity is very high.

Anti-blocking bar, high throughput

The grate is made of NM wear-resistant steel, with strong carrying capacity, longer life and improved sieving efficiency.

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