Project Overview

The company is engaged in limestone and limestone processing of large mining enterprises. The company has nearly 2.82 square kilometers of mining rights, production capacity of nearly 300 million tons, have their own shipping companies, the annual transport capacity of about 3 million tons.

The company to improve economic efficiency, plans to add new production of light calcium carbonate, plastic masterbatch, power plant desulfurization agent, the local government's attention and strong support.





Process flow

customer demand

Customer Address: Anhui

Processing materials: limestone

Finished product: desulfurizer

Feed size: <10mm

Finished grain size: 250 mesh

Capacity: an annual output of 200,000 tons

2. Preparation of desulfurization powder host

Hopper, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, raw material warehouse, MTW European version of the mill, transport systems, finished warehouses and so on.

3. Production system

(1) Feeding process

The limestone in the hopper is transported from the belt conveyor to the European version of the mill.

(2) grinding system

Limestone in the European version of the grinding machine grinding, grinding finished products with separator, collector and dust collector classification.

(3) dust removal technology

The entire process is equipped with a dust collector, in all dust points to install the export, to ensure that the entire process without dust leakage, the scene to complete the cleaning operation.

(5) control process

Program configuration intelligent PLC management system, complete all the equipment start and stop, monitoring, interlocking linkage function, and a DNS interface, you can achieve remote processing.

Project Benefits

Undertaking total bundle services

As a way to maximize the savings period, lessen the customer's investment, the desulfurizer preparation project working with the venture complete bundle solutions. The support runs by the field terrain environment survey, manufacturing line system design, raw material testing check, completed merchandise necessities analysis, consumer investment value price range, gear set up and commissioning and other back links; to avoid the buyer side due to making elements, manpower along with other particular things result in task operation Interrupted and delayed manufacturing time. In order that prospects maximize the comfort of manufacturing, to meet purchaser demand for emergency time.

Large regular and higher demand

1, superior products, scientific configuration, rational layout, smooth operation

2, remote handle, substantial degree of automation, on-site to achieve unattended operation

3, no dust pollution, feeding method, grinding technique and finished solution delivery program are outfitted with efficient dust elimination device, to accomplish clean operation.


Counting on the sophisticated mill equipment offered by ZENITH, Anhui clients notice the speedy growth of limestone powder processing in the course of diversification, specialization and refinement, and can broaden more applications inside the future. It really is foreseeable that during the increasingly stringent environmental safety policies, limestone powder is widely used in setting up resources, power plant desulfurization and other fields, will deliver much more profit margins.


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