Project background

Sri Lanka attaches great importance to infrastructure construction, the construction of infrastructure requires high quality aggregate, Sri Lanka, a user needs to build a gravel aggregate production line, they finally chose ZENITH program.


Process flow

This 50TPH aggregate production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher and circular vibrating screen. Material with a vibrating feeder into the jaw crusher, after the crushing of the material with a vibrating feeder feeding uniform crusher crushing, after crushing the material with a circular vibrating screen screening, do not meet the requirements will Re-sent into the cone crusher, until the material to meet the needs of the market building aggregate requirements.

Equipment configuration advantage

1. Mobile crushing station is a whole

The installation of the overall equipment does not require additional steel and cement countertops and other infrastructure, easy installation, fast, reducing the area occupied.

2. Mobile crushing station can reduce the transportation cost of materials

Mobile crushing station to the work site directly broken, to avoid the transport of materials, reducing transportation costs.

3. Mobile crushing station flexible and flexible

The mobile crushing station can be driven on a common road or on a rugged spot, which can be quickly assembled and quickly put into production.

4. Mobile crushing station configuration flexibility

Mobile crushing station can be divided into coarse crushing system, crushing and screening system, can operate independently, can also be combined with multiple devices, configuration flexibility.

5. Mobile crushing station reliable performance, easy maintenance

Mobile crushing station performance is stable, low operating costs, evenly discharged, simple structure, easy maintenance and repair.





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