The Vibrating Screen Machine, also called double-shaft inertia vibrating screen has high production efficiency and screening efficiency ...

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The Vibrating Screen Machine, also called double-shaft inertia vibrating screen has high production efficiency and screening efficiency. It can be divided into several types that are applied in the different screening process of large and fine grain materials and applied to wet classification, dehydration, and demud of the fine grain of the material. It is widely used in metal mines, coal and chemical industry, building materials and other departments.

Vibrating Screen Machine is mainly composed of screen box, type screen vibrator, suspension damping device and a driving device. There are two main shafts on the vibrator, on both sides of which the eccentric weight is the same and the eccentricity is also identical. 

The two main shafts are connected by a pair of wheel gears whose speed ratio is one. When the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the triangle belt, the movable rotates driven by the wheel gear, then the rotating speed of the two shafts is the same, but the direction is different. 

For this reason, the component force of the Y axle direction generated by the eccentric inertia of the eccentricity with the same weight of the two main axle has opposite direction but the same strength, so they counteract with each other. But the component force of the X axle direction superpositions with each other. It will lead to an exciting reciprocating force generated in the X direction so that the screen box vibrates in a linear way on the X-axle. 

The direction of the force has a 45 angle with the horizontal. The movement of the material in the screen box does not rely on the dip angle of the screen face but determined by the directional angle of the vibration. For this reason, the Vibrating Screen Machine screen face is installed onto the flat ground.

Vibrating Screen Machine, it has the following characteristics:

1. Its structure is complicated, so the vibrating amplitude is not easy to adjust.

2. Because it is installed onto the flat ground, the installment height of the screen is decreased.

3. The usual vibrating angle is 45, but it can angle 60 for some material like stone, coke and sintering rock that is difficult to screen.

The Vibrating Screen Machine have advanced technology and guaranteed quality. 

The pieces produced by the crushing machine can have different sizes, so there are various types of screens on the market to suit different sizes of rocks.

Considerations when purchasing Vibrating Screen Machine

Consider the type of land on which one goes to work. Having a versatile machine and suitable for any terrain can be very important in many cases.

All the parts that compose a Vibrating Screen Machine have to be bolted to eliminate residual stresses in the structure that are typical of welded executions and allow the replacement and interchangeability of all components.

The Vibrating Screen Machine is characterized by a long line of several screening specifications, strong and energetic vibration, the high screening efficiency, low noise vibration from robust, durable structure, and simple maintenance. 

In most cases, we have a tilted rectangular vibrating plate, and the force is generated by a sieve vibrator motor, installed in the rear of the car to facilitate any adjustment or maintenance operations.

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