Since the start of the operation for more than two months, the use of ZENITH configuration of the basalt production line production of gravel aggregate shape is

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The end of 2016, in a building stone production and sales of China Shaanxi customers bought us two Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for stone crushing production. Recently, our service team and was carried out follow-up visits.


Basalt Mohs hardness of 7, basalt has a large hardness, high strength and wear characteristics. Therefore, in the basalt processing crushing links, often to the stone producers to bring problems. The customer used the equipment from the other enterprises to buy the spring cone, hammer crusher and impact crusher and other equipment as the main crushing equipment of basalt, in the past the production process there have been various problems, such as:

1. Spring cone produced by the material shape is very poor, 90% is the shape of the needle, they are difficult to adapt to the mixing station, highways and high-speed railway construction industry needs, poor market adaptability.

2. When he used hammer crusher and impact crusher as the main crushing equipment, on the one hand, fast parts consumption, high production costs, on the other hand, the equipment is easy to damage, downtime maintenance time is relatively long.


Our staff members know the problems encountered by customers, according to the previous successful operation of a number of basalt stone crushing production line of the case, he was equipped with two Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.


Traditional cone crusher production line diagnosis

1. Impact crusher and hammer crusher for soft materials, if used to break the basalt this high hardness materials, will inevitably lead to replacement parts fast, high cost of production series of problems, it is not suitable for the customer's production line construction needs.

2. Conventional spring cone crusher, although suitable for crushing basalt, but based on the traditional spring cone crusher working principle of extrusion crushing, will inevitably lead to low production efficiency, wear and high power consumption, the output of the material needle shape More and more issues, can not be very good to meet the national standards and customer requirements. Therefore, we help the customer in the production line transformation, and recommended Hydraulic cone crusher.

Transformation program

1. Replacement of equipment

Our engineers in the production line configuration combined with the original production line equipment, replacing the production capacity and low efficiency of the coarse and fine crushing equipment, while the use of multi-level finished product screening equipment.

2. Improve the production process of crushing production lines

We are equipped with PLC intelligent control methods and dust removal system to ensure that the entire production line of efficient and environmentally friendly.





Customer feedback

"Since the start of the operation for more than two months, the use of ZENITH configuration of the basalt production line production of gravel aggregate shape is very good, in the building materials market has a higher selling price."

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