VU Aggregate Optimization System is the world’s top dry sand making system and also an innovation of traditional sand production lines ...

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After a long period of mining, mining companies have a large number of tailings abandoned, these tailings are often used for backfill or accumulation, which will have serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. Now ZENITH developed the VU polymerization optimization system has a very good economic benefits and protect the environmental benefits, because it can be tailings into machine sand.

Application of VU Integrated Optimization System in Tailings

The VU Aggregation Optimization System converts tailings into green building materials. VU integrated optimization system is the world's best dry sand system, but also the traditional sand production line innovation. The system uses a tower closed system, in the mine tailings processing process, VU aggregate optimization system can be processed into fineness to meet the requirements of the mechanical sand.

Advantages of VU Aggregation Optimization System in Mine Tailings Production

1. Crushing and pressurization technology: VU series impact crusher is customized for VU aggregation optimization system. This crushing device has an increase in hoist and collision frequency. Compared with the traditional impact of the industry, can be fine sand production rate increased to 10% or more, to further improve the sand and size.

2. Low-energy crushing technology: VU simulation of natural gravel molding process of water scouring, so that the material into the grinding brush movement, can eliminate the burr on the surface of the sand and sharp edges, thereby further improving the grade of finished sand.

3. Integrated dry-type screening technology: mode control screen integrated mature screening and air smashing technology. In a fully enclosed environment, the powder and screening tasks can be completed simultaneously by suction and mechanical vibration.

The advantages of using VU integrated optimization system: for mine tailings itself, can reduce environmental pollution, economic value maximization, and secondly, for the mechanical sand manufacturing enterprises, mine tailings cheap, can be profitable.

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