There are different industries where crusher plays an important role. Here is a closer look at some of the crusher spares: jaw plate, side plate, hammer, wedges

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There are machinery and heavy weight equipment with which stones are crushed in mines and quarries. These machines are called stone crusher equipment. They are made of several components that are useful for carrying out a particular type of activity in operating the device. Due to constant and a dark nature of the usage, there are times when crusher spares are required so that they can be individually replaced within a bigger machine. These are available in different varieties of alloys so that there are a stiff resistance and durability that is attached to their usage. There are several types of crusher equipment available that are used for different industries and nature of work. Among these here are a few that are commonly used.







1. Stone crushers are very widely used in mining, industrial buildings, metallurgy, crushing different types of ores and much more. These are also used in highway projects for crushing medium hard rocks and granules. This device is ideal for breaking both primary and secondary levels. Stone crushers contain impact crushers, cone crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher and so on. The most important feature of stone crushers is that they have a reliable operation, great crushing ability, easy to operate and maintain and very cost effective.

2. Jaw crusher is largely used in highway projects, railroad projects, construction, mining, metallurgy chemical industries and much more. The operation of this equipment is fairly simple and basic.

3. Impact crusher is mainly used for mid and hard surface material like limestone. It is extremely high in productivity with its capacity. Impact crusher can be efficiently used in large and small projects due to its high ratio of crushing. It easily crushes rocks with different compression strength.

4. Rock crushers are used to cut large rocks in smaller and more manageable sizes. This crusher is primarily used in building roads, industries, construction and much more.

There are different industries where crusher plays an important role. These are industries like mining, mineral plants, cement, quarries, stone quarry, ceramic plants and agro- based establishments among several others. In the mainframe of the crusher, several components have an important part to play in the work that is done by the machine.

Here is a closer look at some of the crusher spares; Jaw Plate, Side Plate, Hammer, Wedges, Blow Bars, Liners, Bowl Liners, Cheek Plate, Mantle.

There is a difference in the use of several of these spares owing to the different kinds of the crusher machines that are available. They are all made from quality manganese alloys for strength and quality. Durability is also an advantage that is aimed at from the manufacturer of crusher spares. Companies are engaged in the same on a worldwide scale and offer them with the stamp and assurance of their expertise of manufacture. They are all professionally tested for quality performances and durability. The availability of the crusher spares also come with the guarantee of the brand that is selling them.

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