What are some qualities to look for in spring cone crushers when you decide to get one for use in your industry? Good performance; Easy cavity cleaning; Even gr

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High-efficiency spring cone crusher is among the most commonly used and effective crushers used in various industries. These range from mining industries to cement plants to construction. But how do spring cone crushers work to help in the crushing of materials required in these industries?

Basically, a spring cone crusher has a crushing cone, a frame, hydraulic drill, adjustment housing, hollow eccentric shaft, transmitting, set adjustment and bowl bear. When in use, the eccentric shaft shell is turned around through the bevel gear and a horizontal axle. The axle connected to the crushing cone then swings driven by the force from the eccentric shaft shell. This causes the surface of the crushing wall to roll the mortar wall from time to time. It is this motor wall that presses and crooks the material and crushes it in the long run. High-efficiency spring cone crushers do more crushing with less grinding so that the swing frequency is high and hence faster operation.







What are some qualities to look for in spring cone crushers when you decide to get one for use in your industry?

Good performance

A high-performance spring cone crusher is the best choice. You do not want to have one that takes too long to crush materials. Choose one that has a high speed and stroke so you can attain more production capacity within a short time.

Easy cavity cleaning

It can happen that the crusher stops with the load in place. How will you clean the cavity? Is it easy to clean? Choose a spring cone crusher whose cavity is easy to clean. A good choice is one that can be easily cleaned by hydraulic pressure. This way, the machine will be even more efficient since the downtimes will last for only a short while.

Even grain grade

A good cone crusher will crush materials, metallic and non-metallic, to give even grains. The cube proportions of the final products should not have needle flake like appearance.

Easy operation and maintenance

A good spring cone crusher should be easy to operate, maintain and repair. A particularly good choice is one whose components are made from quality materials and easy to assemble. The lubrication should be easy to apply and work effectively. Whenever possible the manufacturer should provide training to the technicians who will be carrying out the maintenance of the machine in-house.

Low production cost

The lower the production cost of an industry, the more the return on investment. A good high-efficiency spring cone crusher should result in a lower production cost. It should cost you less to purchase, use and work fast requiring only easy maintenance.


A spring cone crusher that is widely used must be good. Well, it cannot be that everyone is using something that is not as efficient as it should be. Choose a brand that is well known and has a proven track record. This way you can be sure of the reliability of the machine you get and its ability to deliver what it promises.

Now that you know what to look for in a spring cone crusher, you can shop around for one. Be sure to compare several options before settling on one.

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