Recently, a carefully built by ZENITH shipboard production line quietly changed the situation, not only in ZENITH is unprecedented, but also in the industry is

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In the mechanism of sand more and more popular today, by ZENITH effort to build the "high-quality machine sand" project has long been the most investment value, the latest environmental protection mechanism of sand investment in production projects.

According to incomplete statistics, so far, ZENITH around the world has established nearly ten thousand machine production line. The production capacity of these production lines and the size of the finished product sand are different, and the site of the production site is not the same.


On a wide ground (Nigeria)



On the foot of the mountain (China's Shanxi)



On the roadside (India)



On the river bed (Kenya)



All in all, whether it is fixed sand line or mobile sand line, the production line is always built on land. Recently, a carefully built by ZENITH shipboard production line quietly changed the situation, not only in ZENITH is unprecedented, but also in the industry is also a unique production line.

The production of finished gravel is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of Xijiang Hydropower Station. As the customer site production site is very limited, ZENITH design team according to local conditions, in the production line design for the first time the sand machine installed on the ship, and the production line will be the whole process of production in the river.

Basic information

Project Address: Guangxi

Finished sand size: 0-5mm

Material: river pebbles

Equipment: VSI5X series sand making machine

Capacity: 60-70TPH

Production time: March 2016

Process: river pebbles from the raw material first into the screening equipment, the natural sand and more than 30mm pebbles directly abandoned, 5-30mm gravel through the belt machine into the sand machine, from the sand machine crushing sand and then transported to the vibrating screen screening, and then finished sand with a sand washing machine cleaning, and then finished sand through the belt conveyor transport to the ship away.

Customer's production site:







One thousand customers have a thousand customer production sites. For each new customer site, ZENITH has been field trips, sampled and analyzed in conjunction with local environmental conditions to design and develop the best production line. The Guangxi customer's production site is very limited, our design team with the scene of the innovative environment proposed to install the production line on board and scientifically verify its rationality and safety.

ZENITH tailored to the purpose of customized services to ensure that every customer value maximization. The whole production operations in the river, the local production really solved the customer no field production problems, but also to achieve the raw materials on the spot processing, finished product at any time away, to avoid the accumulation of materials need a lot of trouble, and save the cost of raw materials transportation.

For more than 30 years, ZENITH has focused on crushing and milling equipment, products and services covering more than 130 countries and regions worldwide, providing customers with an all-in-one solution. We have a number of product patents, access to CQC-ISO9001: 2008 GB/T19001-2008 quality management system certification.

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