As the local supply of natural gravel is very small, the market demand for high-quality machine sand is very high, customers found the local river pebble rich r

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A Chinese Hangzhou customer, using the rich river pebble resources, purchased a set of river pebble production equipment from ZENITH for the production of artificial sand. Installation and commissioning, is now officially put into production.

The project brought him a very good economic benefits, according to conservative estimates, the project will reach 15 million annual income.

Project Overview





As the local supply of natural gravel is very small, the market demand for high-quality machine sand is very high, customers found the local river pebble rich reserves, wanted to use river pebbles to produce machine sand. ZENITH in understanding the customer situation, according to the customer's investment budget, to create a complete river pebble sand production line.

Basic Situation

Project Address: China, Hangzhou

Finished size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-31.5mm

Material: river pebbles

Equipment: PE Series jaw crusher, CS Series Cone Crusher, VSI sand making machine and vibrating screen, feeder, etc.

Capacity: 250T / H

Production time: December 2015

Process introduction

Three - stage crushing scheme of jaw crusher + cone crusher + VSI sand making machine

Because the river pebble high hardness, the jaw plate, plate hammer, counterattack plate caused by the loss, so in the process design, we recommend the use of two-stage jaw crusher or jaw crusher and conical joint use.

If the customer has a higher demand for the final stone grain size, we recommend the configuration of a sand making machine for plastic crushing, thus forming a three-stage broken process configuration. The three-stage crushing process will inevitably lead to an increase in the investment cost of the project, but for the long-term operation of the sand plant, the three-stage crushing process to reduce the production cost is very impressive.

Core Equipment


PE jaw crusher

The use of world-class manufacturing process, the use of advanced digital components processing equipment to ensure the precision of the machine parts; use the most high-end production of materials, greatly enhanced its compression, wear resistance, greatly extending the life of the machine. At the same time due to the use of advanced crushing principle, so that the proportion of products in the cube significantly increased, needle-like stone to reduce the grain level more uniform, better quality products.


cs cone crusher.jpg

CS cone crusher

This device is ZENITH in the introduction, absorption of foreign technology on the basis of, according to customer needs, based on the principle of laminated crushing and more than the concept of design and development of modern high-performance conical broken. The machine adopts the principle of laminated crushing to form the protective layer of the material layer, which not only effectively reduces the wear and prolongs the service life of the wearing parts, but also increases the proportion of the cube in the product.


vsi sand making machine.jpg

VSI sand making machine

The crushing equipment, also known as sand making machine, ZENITH is the latest development of German experts to develop the results, combined with China's mine conditions through improved design, is currently the world's most advanced level of the fourth generation of high-performance sand making equipment. The maximum throughput of up to 520 tons / hour, compared with the traditional power of the same equipment, production increased by 30% and stable. Products were cube, especially for artificial sand plastic surgery.

The project since the production, the operation is good, finished sand to meet customer requirements, and by the customer's high praise. Seize the market opportunity to invest in river pebble sand production line, and chose ZENITH, I believe that the customer in the future of the sand market will win the initiative!

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