Mobile crushing equipment has become increasingly popular in recent years in quarrying applications, offering a tremendous amount of flexibility. High-performan

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Mobile crushing equipment has become increasingly popular in recent years in quarrying applications, offering a tremendous amount of flexibility. Although static crushing plant and equipment still continues to enjoy a key function in the quarrying industry, due to their ability to process high capacities, mobile crushing has distinct advantages over its static counterpart.Wheel mobile crusher is a crushing equipment, that is used in the fields of coarse fine and coarse crushing.

The excellent performance

1. High-performance jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher all included in the wheel mobile crusher.

2. Belt conveyor, feeder, and screen are all in one station

3. Mobile wheel crusher is convenient for road transit and expanding the working place.

4. Easy to install in the work place

5. Vehicle control box and motors are all in the wheel mobile crusher.







Applications and advantages

Integrative equipment group-The form of mobile crusher's integrative installation reduces the installation of the complex infrastructure and accessory equipment, lower the consumption of materials and man-hour. The spatial arrangement optimizes the operating spaces, saves the floor space and expands the stockpile area and transport space.

Flexibility-The vehicle chassis of the mobile crusher is high and the turning radius is small, which is convenient to transport on common road and more convenient on road of the crushing place. It saves the time to enter the working place. It is also easy to enter the reasonable working place and supplies the space for all of the crushing flow.

Lower freight cost-The wheel mobile crusher can crush materials at the primary site and remove transportation from the primary site to crushing place, which lower the freight cost. In addition, extended equipment group conveys the materials to the designated belt conveyor directly.

Easy to adapt and flexible to collocate mobile crusher- It can work independently or jointly according to the coarse or fine crushing and screening system. Side hopper supplies the flexibility for the materials transportation. Diesel engine generator of integrative configuration not only supplies power but also jointly supplies power for whole flow integrative group specially.

Reliable performance and convenient maintenance-The wheel mobile crusher features high crushing ratio, multifunction, fine products, reasonable structure design and excellent crushing performance. Reliable quality better satisfies the requirements of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening. It enjoys the high-quality reputation at home and abroad. Wheel mobile crusher not only features mature technology and easy maintenance but is also adaptable and safe to convey quantity, size of materials and erosion. The integrative system makes it easy to install and maintain, which ensures its high durability and efficiency.

A wheel mobile crusher is an important part of your stone or ore processing process since it crushes the material to the desired dimensions. Since this process is usually secondary in the crushing system there are several processes that depend upon timely crushing so that the entire chain of processes function as one smooth and well-oiled machine.You also will need a reliable and sturdy mobile crusher that will not let you down in the middle of your project.Get a wheel mobile crusher for the best working experience.







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