How does MTW European trapezium mill encourage the diversification of coal improvement. Coal grinding: coal through the MTW Euro-type Mill ...

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The construction of new highways, speed up economic restructuring and upgrading, as an important aspect of the country's overall economy, coal has also entered a diversified growth transformation and upgrading.

The use of coal has led to poor economic conditions:

Coal is one of the world's major energy sources. Coal long as industrial fuel supply, thermal power plants, iron and steel industry, pulverized coal boilers, but also brought a series of problems.

Coal combustion produces a lot of soot and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and organic compounds and dust and other harmful substances, causing serious environmental pollution.

MTW Euro-type Mill promotes coal diversification:

The key is to improve the efficiency of coal use, to achieve diversified development. When the coal is pulverized by MTW Euro-type Mill into powder, the combustion efficiency of the coal can be greatly improved.

In order to meet the market demand for high-tech grinding of pulverized coal, ZENITH absorb the latest European grinding technology and philosophy. On the basis of long-term R & D experience and recommendations of 9518 mill users, ZENITH developed MTW Euro-type Mill to better meet the needs of coal mill.

MTW Euro-type Mill


MTW Euro-type Mill


MTW Euro-type Mill


How does MTW European trapezium mill encourage the diversification of coal improvement

1. Coal grinding: coal through the MTW Euro-type Mill after grinding as a power plant, building materials and chemical engineering materials, can be ground into different fineness, to achieve comprehensive utilization.

2. Coal dust: According to the relevant research, pulverized coal can greatly improve the efficiency of coal combustion, improve the operating efficiency of small and medium coal-fired boilers more than 80%, thereby reducing harmful gas emissions.

3. Coal ash: coal combustion dust collection of fine ash and coal-fired power plant emissions of the main solid waste. Fly ash is rich in resources and cheap; it contains a large number of active ingredients, so you can in the MTW Euro-type Mill grinding after the production of different grades of coal ash to meet the secondary use of these industries, such as building materials, metallurgy and chemical engineering.

According to ZENITH European milling machine chief engineer, this milling machine is equipped with a bevel gear transmission, internal oil lubrication system, online oil temperature measurement and other unparalleled advantages. At the same time access to a number of independent patented technology property rights, to the international advanced level of technology. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of coal and improve the diversification of coal has brought great contribution.

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