Equipment and stable operation will guarantee the profits of enterprises, if the equipment can not run properly, there is no profit. The rational allocation of

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To get high profits, equipment configuration is critical! 200 tons / hour of granite crushing production line, the equipment should be how to configure it? I believe that each manufacturer will make a different configuration. ZENITH recently interviewed a gravel manufacturer in Guangdong of China, he invested in the construction of a 200 tons / hour granite broken sand production line for the construction of a highway project to provide aggregate, the project on the stone grain requirements are very high.

His equipment configuration: Feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen + impact crusher + vibrating screen + shaping machine + vibrating screen + dust removal equipment.

The customer did not come into contact with the broken industry, the entire equipment in accordance with the manufacturers to recommend the configuration under the order, the equipment installed in September 2016 debugging, then in the past six months, the operation of the production line how?

The customer said to us: "business for half a year, there is no profit at all, or even a loss!" Why is this situation? Mainly in the following areas:

Customer feedback

1. Power consumption is too high: 200 tons / hour crushing production line, all the host equipment plus belt machine and dust removal equipment, the total power even to 1300KW.

2. Equipment wear rate is too high: The impact crusher in the work ten days after the need to replace the plate hammer, but the impact crusher 1 hour of finished products in about 100 tons, a set of hammer need 2800 US dollars.

3. Unstable operation: According to the customer to reflect, this production line since September 2016 put into operation, basically no normal operation.

The shaping machine as a result of the design and manufacture of many drawbacks, equipment impeller imbalance occurred several times, the motor burned and so on. Manufacturers have been unable to come forward to solve the problem. Production of aggregate can not be used for engineering, but the contract has been signed, in order not to default, customers can only buy aggregate from other stone factory.

For customer demand, crushing and shaping is inevitable, but why in the broken link to configure three broken? More than a broken, wear will increase, power consumption should be increased. Breaking the hard rock using the counter-crusher is not good because the counter-crusher's wear is too high. All in all, is the equipment configuration unreasonable, resulting in the customer in the actual production encountered so much trouble.

So, in this case, ZENITH suggestions from customers is how to configure it? Technical Engineering colleagues in-depth discussion, taking into account the needs of users and investment, ZENITH given the program is as follows: Feeder + jaw crusher + multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher + vibrating screen + b series VSI5X sanding machine + vibrating screen. We also need dust screening equipment.

This device uses two-stage crushing and shaping. and less a crusher. And the key equipment spring cone crusher replaced with multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. The molding machine is replaced by a b series VSI5X sanding machine.





Configuration advantages

1. Low power consumption: ZENITH configuration program without impact crusher and a vibrating screen and part of the belt machine. Shaping use is greater by the amount of B Series VSI5X Sanding Machine, less power. The entire production line at least 300KW lower than the previous configuration program, power consumption savings of more than 20%.

2. Less wear: There is no impact crusher in the configuration of the crushing equipment, with less wear.

3. Stable performance: ZENITH all the equipment are used high-quality steel, the motor is well-known brands, all equipment will be passed the factory test to ensure the quality of equipment.

Equipment and stable operation will guarantee the profits of enterprises, if the equipment can not run properly, there is no profit. The rational allocation of equipment for gravel plant is very important.

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