Zhejiang Quzhou project: 500TPH granite crushing production line; Raw materials: granite; Finished products: fine gravel aggregate; Design capacity: 500t/h; Fin

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At the end of 2016, Zhejiang Quzhou a building aggregate company and ZENITH cooperation, put a special granite crushing production line, recently, by ZENITH total package of the production line has been basically completed. So, this "special" production line compared with the past, what is the difference, come and find out!

Zhejiang Quzhou project: 500TPH granite crushing production line

Customer background

The customer in Quzhou local influential, but also by the government to encourage green enterprises, the investment is intended in the government planning industrial park to create a fine gravel aggregate production line, the production of local high-speed rail construction materials and railway roadway The As the production line is located in the industrial park, the customer choose the manufacturer's standard is zero pollution, no noise, no dust, to meet the national requirements. After a number of domestic manufacturers of comparison, the customer finally chose ZENITH.








Raw materials: granite

Finished products: fine gravel aggregate

Design capacity: 500t/h

Finished size: 0-5-10-31.5-65mm

Hosting equipment:

The first paragraph: plate feeder, C6X145 hydraulic jaw broken

The second paragraph: HST315 broken single cylinder hydraulic cone broken, HST315 crushing single cylinder hydraulic cone broken, VSI5X plastic sand making machine, S5X heavy circular vibrating screen, fine sand recovery system, sewage treatment system, belt machine.

After the discussion with the user, taking into account the user site raw material location and production site layout, the production line planning for the two parts, the first part of the crude system in the ore mining area, through the coarse stone transport to the park the second part of the finished product crushing and screening system The

In the mining area, the ore is crushed and transported to the large-scale transit material in the park. In the park, the material of the transfer material is sieved through two sections of crater and then sieved through shaping machine to ensure finished product ; Finished machine sand using wet production, supporting sand washing system and sewage treatment system to ensure that finished sand with no sewage discharge.

Plant Sewage treatment system

Project Benefits

1, clean and environmentally friendly, zero emissions

ZENITH designed the production line for customers, equipped with plant and sewage treatment system, effectively control the noise, water pollution, to zero emissions. And the production line according to local conditions, the use of wet production, to avoid the dust hazards, clean and environmentally friendly.

2, according to local conditions, sub-design

Which is conducive to local materials, but also to solve the customer want to strictly regulate the industrial park in the production of stone needs. Help the enterprise to become the benchmark of the local government awards enterprises, to further expand the enterprise influence.

3, high-quality aggregate, high added value

Core equipment and programs provided by the professional sand and gravel equipment company - ZENITH, equipment quality and reliable, while superb craftsmanship to ensure the quality of finished products. In today's market environment where aggregate prices soar, the customer's production line is about to put into production, the future will bring considerable return on investment for customers.

4, a variety of raw materials, turning waste into treasure

The project can mine waste rock, stone plant semi-finished products or waste chips and other solid waste as raw materials to produce high-quality building aggregate, to achieve waste utilization, turning waste into treasure, increase customer additional benefits.





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