Bentonite processing processes include crushing, drying, milling, packaging and so on. Recommended Equipment: MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Grinder; MTW European T

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Bentonite can be used as a adsorbent for hazardous substances, clarifying agents for turbid water, sealants for radioactive waste and toxic materials, water-repellent agents for contaminated water, sewage treatment agents, and detergents.

Bentonite processing processes include crushing, drying, milling, packaging and so on.

Recommended Equipment

MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Grinder

Low energy consumption, high economic efficiency

MTM medium speed trapezium grinder with integrated design, materials without third-party equipment in the case, the material directly ground into powder, less investment, high economic efficiency, and low energy consumption, compared with the same level of ball mill, low energy consumption of 60%.

Ladder design, grinding more fully, finished higher

MTM medium speed trapezium grinder roller with ladder-like design, extending the grinding time of the material to improve the finished product fineness and yield.

Modular impeller design for easy adjustment

MTM medium speed trapezium grinder uses modular impeller, can quickly adjust the impeller to produce different materials to meet the needs of the market.

Wheeled energy-saving blower, high efficiency blower

MTM medium speed trapezium grinder uses high efficiency impeller energy-saving fan, more efficient than the traditional blower.

MTW European Trapezium Mill

Split blade, improve production efficiency

MTW european trapezium mill using split blade, blade wear, only need to replace the blade, to help customers save the cost of wearing parts replacement, improve production efficiency.

Non-resistant air self-circulation system, better material flow

MTW european trapezium mill uses a non-resistant air self-circulation system, to avoid the vortex effect, better material flow, reducing the risk of manual operation.

Roller linkage booster technology, high yield

MTW european trapezium mill using roller linkage booster technology, the same power, the output increased by 20%, low energy loss.

Thin oil lubrication system, running more smoothly

MTW european trapezium mill using thin oil lubrication system, to achieve the spindle bearings and bevel gear shaft bearings automatically lubricated.

LM vertical mill

Integrated design, less investment

LM vertical roller mill set crushing, drying, grinding powder, transport in one, covers an area of small, reducing the investment costs.

Easy operation and maintenance

LM vertical roller mill using automatic control system, can achieve remote control, which uses a limit device to avoid destructive shocks and severe vibration. LM vertical roller mill maintenance convenient and reduce downtime.

Grinding time is short, less iron, finished the higher quality

Material in the mill to stay a short time, to avoid the repeated grinding, the product contains less iron, whiteness and purity improved.

Stable operation, does not pollute the environment

Equipment running stable and small vibration, low noise. No dust, clean environment, do not pollute the environment.

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

Low investment and high efficiency

In the same fineness and power consumption, lower than the cost of investment in airflow mill, but the high yield.

Low loss and high fineness

Wearing parts using high-quality wear-resistant materials, finished the final fineness of up to 325-2500mesh.

Safety and environmental protection

There is no rolling bearing and screw in the grinding cavity, which avoids the problem that the bearing is easy to be damaged and the screw is loose and the equipment is destroyed. The use of high efficiency pulsed dust collector, equipped with silencers and silencers, reducing dust and noise pollution, excellent environmental protection.

Wide range of materials

Suitable for low hardness, less than 6% moisture of the material grinding, such as: calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnetite, quartz, pyroxene and so on.

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