November 2016 began construction, and now Zhoushan 1500-1800 tons of tuff production line has been put into operation...

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In November 2016, ZENITH at the Shanghai BMW exhibition with the China National Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd - the strong combination of state-owned industry as a strategic partner. Recently, the two sides co-operation of the first project - Zhoushan 1500-1800 tons of tuff production line has been put into trial operation.

Zhoushan project is a large EPC package project, the project covers an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters, the use of more than 3,500 square meters of concrete, configuration production equipment more than 20 Taiwan (which contains a long 600 meters long long distance belt machine). The project from design, construction, plant construction to after-sales service as a whole by ZENITH independent completion of its vast project volume is ZENITH EPC project in the total package service strength and technology is another strong proof.





Project Description: EPC Zhoushan Project

Raw material: tuff

Finished products: gravel, fine sand

Finished size: 0-5-15-20-38mm

Time: 1500-1800TPH

Finished use: Shanghai municipal city building aggregate

Host equipment: F5X1660 feeder, C6X160 jaw crusher, HST315 (S cavity) cone crusher, HST315 (H cavity) cone crusher, S5X2460 vibrating screen, S5X2160 vibrating screen.

Project difficult

1. Harsh quality requirements: China National Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd, is the world's top 500 enterprises China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. of the two subsidiaries, for the project research and supervision, quality service requirements are very strict, the requirements of the project drawings compared with the past More refined, need to meet the relevant standards of the National Design Institute, and provide a section of each part of the profile and the specific size.

2. Construction environment is complex: the project is located on the island, not only equipment and materials transport inconvenience, the scene of the work environment is also very difficult, high temperature, dust, typhoon, lack of fresh water and other environmental constraints for the construction staff brought a lot of inconvenience.

3. Project duration: customer requirements as soon as possible to complete the assembly to achieve production, from construction to completion of the production needs of the time is extremely short, duration is very tight.


Combined with the various needs of customers, the mine to establish two parallel broken production line, composed of three ladder consisting of a total length of 276 meters, 45 meters wide. A total of four major areas, jaw broken, silo, transfer station and conical broken area, two production lines sharing transit stations and silos, finished by a long belt conveyor to the terminal loading on board.






Project Benefits

1. Short construction period, fast production

Up to now, the project has been completed, and acceptance of qualified. Four areas at the same time start, more than 10 hours of construction machinery more than 10 hours of high-intensity operations, more than 70 construction team day and night alternately work, and finally live up to customer expectations, scheduled to complete the project planning.

2. Energy saving

Production line 1500-1800 tons/hour production line, ZENITH only use the vibrating screen 12, that is, to complete the pre-screening effect. Our production line design, power reduced by 1100KW, reducing the customer's operating costs. In addition, ZENITH's production line design also saves the belt length. Scientific and reasonable production line settings not only reduce the cost of customer investment, but also save the cost of wearing parts maintenance.

3. Reliable quality, stable operation

ZENITH equipment has been running smoothly, the data have reached the contract requirements, a strong scientific research and processing strength is to ensure product quality key!

4. EPC project package

From the design, construction, civil, motor to crushing equipment all by ZENITH whole package, integrated solutions, project construction efficiency, short duration, put into production fast. Second, the customer peace of mind, only to request and control the acceptance of links, the specific part of the project construction will be entrusted to ZENITH, we use professional knowledge and rich experience in the whole package to reach customer expectations.

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